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Measure the impact of a lifestyle or dietary change on your gut health

There are many lifestyle guides and supplement products on the market. It's hard to know what actually makes an impact. We provide a tailored test to track the change in your gut health over time, with easy to understand results.

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The test will monitor your SCFA levels. They, together with a Gut Score, will be presented and explained in your online personal gut dashboard. Try a dietary change or select any of the recommended products from our partners. Read more about SCFA levels here

Track the change
Track your lifestyle or dietary change at only


Order a kit containing 3 PCR-tests for sampling and monitoring your change over time.

Free shipping with courier is included for fast trackable transport to your home and back to the lab.

About Us:

We want to move gut health testing and gut metrics from a costly overcomplicated niche to a low cost, readily available, simple to interpret test. Anyone should be able to track their gut health metrics. We aim to connect customers with proven beneficial products backed by credible science. As the core in this hub we strive for full transparency. We want to provide you, the customer, with the most suitable tests and the best beneficial products for you gut health.

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